HOPE EDUCATION CENTRE is a registered school which provides a quality Christian Education to the children of Faropha Orphanage and our surrounding community.

We currently accept students K4 through Grade 5.  We will be adding a Preschool – K2 & K3 program, and 6th grade to our school in January 2018!  Each year as our students are promoted, we add a new grade level to accommodate their educational needs.

We have set our educational standards high at HEC. Each grade level is instructed or overseen by a CERTIFIED TEACHER. Our staff members who work directly with our children complete yearly CPR and First Aid Training.

Our curriculum consists of all required Kenyan classes as well as the Internationally recognized ABeka curriculum. Our students are instructed in both the Swahili and English languages.

Our students are consistently scoring very high on national exams, and their scores have ranked Hope Education Centre at the top on our local and district levels!


We have just obtained a Van for transportation of our students. For more information about our routes and pick-up points please contact us.

20160804_092209  WE ARE GROWING!



1.  Construction of a permanent Kitchen/Dining Facility on school grounds for our students. 


1. Construct an additional classroom (sized 14′ x 25′) to house our  6th grade students. (This classroom will seat 32 children).

2. Complete each building with paint, ceilings, electricity, light fixtures, and window glass.

3. DESK DRIVE –  70 STUDENT DESKS are needed to fill our classrooms.  

If you are interested in helping us with any of our projects listed above OR/ if you would like to sponsor a child to attend our school, please send us a note through our CONTACT PAGE.

FUN AND FIELD DAY – August 2016

Everyone was so excited about our day of celebration!  Parents came out to watch our students play games and participate in outdoor activities.  Every child received prizes, stickers and balloons for their participation.
Students made presentations of poems and recitations to the audience and afterwards the students received acknowledgement of their individual academic achievements from their teachers. The day was complete with lunch and ice cream for all!
Our activities drew the attention of neighborhood children who came to peek through the windows to see what was happening. Three of those children were enrolled that same day by their parents who were so impressed with the program and wanted their children to be part of our school.
 It was a wonderful day we shall all remember! 

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